Honors Thesis


Departmental honors and honors in interdisciplinary majors are awarded for outstanding performance in writing a senior thesis or in conducting senior research.

Below you will find the name of each honors student as well as their thesis title and advisor listed by department/program.

Anthropology & Sociology

Tawfiq Alhamedi   The Republic of Yemen: Forgiving a National Past and Present Neha Vora
Sarah Geller           “Every Piece Counts”: A Multi-Method Ethnography of Assessment at a Stem Camp for Children Caroline Lee
Marian Leech       Indian Routes and Settler Roots: Place making in Colonial New Jersey and the creation of the settler Antique Andrea Smith
Natalie Nollan       Exploring Student Voice: Children’s Perception of Their Education Environment Rebecca Kissane


American Studies

Kathryn Colarulli   College Students Perceptions of Poverty, the poor social welfare programs, and welfare users. Rebecca Kissane



Julia Brennan         “Out There” Edward Kerns
Lia Embil               “Fragility of Isolated Worlds” A study of Environments Edward Kerns
Anastasia Gayol Cintron     Essence in a Shutter: Peter Hujar and the East Village Robert Mattison
Jessica Lewy The Past Which Binds Us Karina Skvirsky
Mari Otto               Found Space Edward Kerns
Connor Pirrucello- McClellan               The Varocan Archive Nestor Gil
Caroline Russell       Corp. Karina Skvirsky
Enfeng Zhou           Unseen Blade Karina Skvirsky



Tessa Broholm         Effect of local environment on reproductive effort, abundance, and upland movement of woodland salamanders. Megan Rothenberger
Sze Cheng               Constant light reduces mammalian melanopsin (OPN4M) MRNA in the retina of the turtle. James Dearworth
Samantha Gleich     Interactive effects of iron enrichment, zooplankton grazing and acidification on coastal phytoplankton assemblages. Megan Rothenberger
Erika Hernandez     Assessment of biological impacts of estrogenic contamination in a sewage-impacted estuary. Megan Rothenberger
Justin Hoot                 Effects of a Plant-based diet on a marine inflammatory response. Robert Kurt
Carli Jones                 Studying the Interaction of the immune response to Echinostoma caproni and murine mammary carcinoma. Robert Kurt
Jennifer Minnick     Does foreign egg size affect adult nesting behavior in Eastern Bluebirds house sparrows, and tree swallows? Michael Butler
Marissa Rossi           Parental Aggressian in relation to egg and nestling quality in Eastern Blue birds(Salia Sialis), tree swallows(tachycineta bicolor), and house sparrows (passer domesticus) Michael Butler


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Michael Bennett       Railroad Subgrade Behavior: Proposed Methods of Monitoring and Improvement Michael McGuire
Aliza Furneaux Development of Nutriend Rich Crystal from wastewater for the fortification Arthur Kney
Yuxiang Shen A Study on the Applicability of Yeast Estrogen Screen with no Extraction (YESne) Assay on Water Samples with Low Level of Estrogenicity


Arthur Kney


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Cara Abecunas         Thermoresponsive Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-Collegen Hydrogles for Drug Delivery Christopher Anderson
Samantha Buczek   Effect of Volume Fraction in Binary Mixtures of Hrd Spheres on Density and Microhardness in 3D Printed Metal Matrices James Ferri
Christopher Carlock Effect of Microemulsion Composition and Structure on Organic Phase Controlled Release from Hydrogel James Ferri
Rachel Elias                 Evaluating The Ecotoxicity Of Glycerol Derivative Green Solvents Via Algal Microplate Analysis And Structure Activity Relationships Lindsay Soh
Thomas Kovar           Encapsulation of Electrospun PLGA Nanofibers with PNIPAM for Thermo-Responsive Drug Delivery Anderson
Stephanie McCartney The Effects of Glycerol Denvatives on the Cold Flow properties of Biodiesel Michael Senra
Sean McSherry           Percolation Network Characterization within Segmented Polyurethane James K. Sherry
Aaliyah Shodeinde     Anti-angiogenic Properties of Bio functionalized Silver Nanoparticles Christopher Anderson
Ruikun Sun                             The effects of cylic compounds on the gelation characteristics of petroleum-like solutions Michael Senra
Yuan Tian                   Optimization on the Conversion of Triglyceride to Biodiesel Via a Catalyzed Interesterification Reaction Lindsay Soh



Michael Astor               Requirements of the J-Protein Sis 1 for the Propagation of Glutamine Rich Aggregates Justin Hines
Quang Bui                     Determination of Influences Exerted by Prions on Yeast Lipid Content Justin Hines
Ryan Cerbone             Synthesis and Catalytic Activity of 1,3-Bis(2-pyridyl) Imidazolin-2-ylidene supported Palladium Complexes Roxy Swails
Alexa Deemer           Characterization of the Role of the Large and Small Subunits and the Disulfide Bonds on the Catalytic Activity of Carbonic Anhydrase in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii David Husic
Michael Granieri       Synthesis of Furo Quinolines Via Diels-Alder Reactions of 3,4-Quinolyne Charles F. Nutaitis
Stavros Kariofillis   Synthesis and Catalytic Applications of Water Soluble N-Heterocylic Carbene Roxy Swails
Bach Nguyen           Morphology of Ni1p+ deposition on Ni FCC (111) Surface Kenneth Haug
Emily Oliver           Classification of Chaperone protein requirements dictating in vivo yeast prior behaviors Justin Hines


Computer Science

Ivan Evtimov         Generating Secure Facial Recognition Templates Amir Sadovnik


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Brandon Smith         Design of a Wheelchair for use with Brain-Computer Interface Yih-Choung Yu



Nicole Crilley         An evaluation of the program of all inclusive care for the elderly (PACE) on wealth outcomes. Susan Averett
Daniel Crowley       Inefficiencies in the Pricing of Loan Participation Close-End Funds Donald R. Chambers
Joshua Silver           The Effect of Low-Skilled Immigrants on Low-Skilled Native Workers in the US James DeVault/Matt Larsen
Katherine Stevens Incentivizing Quality in Government Healthcare Programs: Do shared saving programs improve Health outcomes? Susan Averett
Katim Woldemariam   “Agricultural Extension Services and Productivity of Farmers in Ethiopia” David Stifel



Tamerlane Asher       What have you done for me lately? A model of past performance on major league Baseball compensation Matt Larsen/Jeff Leibner


Economics/Policy Studies

Neysa Braimah           The Effectiveness of the Best-Practices Approach to “Getting Institutions Right” in African Countries David Stifel



Gabrielle Minassian     Debunking welfare myths: Factors that lead low-income women to participate in government programs. Susan Averett/Michelle Geoffoion-Vinci


Economic/International Affairs

Monika Niroula         ‘Political Consequences of Economic Statecraft: A Case Study of Indian Sanctions Against Nepal’, submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirents for graduation with departmental honors in Economics and International Affairs. Seo-Hyun Park/David C. Stifel


Engineering Studies

Hannah Goldstein       A Computational study of the effects of a Baffle and Shroud system on a two-cylinder heat exchanger during discharge of a solar thermal tank. Julia Nicodemus



Jaime Blackmon           Ventriloquism and Voice: Female Identity in “The Waste Land” Steven Belletto
Melissa Last                   “My Perfect Family: Adapting a south African Sitcom for American Audiences” Megan Fernandes
Rachel Rubino               Conceptions of Female Power: Cleopatra as “an Object of Speculation and Veneration, Gossip and Legend” Patricia Donahue
Ivan Rudd                       The Metaphysical Milton: A Re-evaluation of the baroque conceit’s Influence on John Milton Paul Cefalu


Environmental Science

Jacob Strock                 Environmental Predictors of Habitat use and growth of juvenile Alewife and Blueback Herring. Megan Rothenberger
Mariuxi Vera           Comparison of created and natural yernal pools with implications for amphibian habitat restoration. Megan Rothenberger


Film and Media Studies

Christopher Aresco   Chasing Kayfabe: An Original Screen play Nandini Sikand/Andy Smith
Fabian Rogers           The Benefit of the Doubt Nandini Sikand/Andy Smith
Samantha Volk         Buying Fate: Screenplay to Anthology Series Nandini Sikand/Andy Smith


Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Costanza Davis         Analysis of Long Wavelength Gravity Anomalies in Pennsylvania Lawrence L. Malinconico
Dustin Morris           Exploring Depositional History and Potential Cyclicity in the Allentown Formation, Easton, PA David Sunderlin
Cullen Scheland       Explosive silic volcanism preceding the peach spring tuff supereruption, Western Arizona Tamara Carley
Jack Shaw                   Assessing Changes in Sexual Dimorphism in Ostracode Lineages Prior to the Cretaceous-Paleogene Mass Extinction Event David Sunderlin
Emma Sosa A detnital zircon investigation into the magmatic history of the oraefajokull volcano in Southeastern Iceland Tamara Carley


Government and Law

John Jurow Litigating War: How the supreme court mistakenly became commander in chief of the war on terror. Bruce Allen Murphy
Kaitlin Kinsella       A Problem Solving Court? An Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Human Trafficking Intervention Courts Helena Silverstein
Noah Legner           Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Societies: The Case of Cambodia Seo-Hyun Park
Vanissa Prempeh     Chinese Migrants in the Ghanaian Informal Economy: From Conflict to Cooperation Seo-Hyun Park
Joseph Ritter           The Obama Doctrine: Idealism and Realism during the Arab Spring Ilan Peleg
Andrew Wargofchik The Visegrad Curtain? Central Europe Response to the Migration Crisis Katalin Fabian



Dana Barry             Freedom’s Classroom: The struggle of Defining Freedom on the Southern Sea Islands, 1862-1865 Jeremy Zallen
Ian Morse                   Negotiating National Culture: English Dailies and the search for a Role in Postcolonial Tanzania, 1964-1972 Christopher J. Lee


International Affairs

Christine Carpenter Out of the Classroom and Into the Courthouse: French Public Schools and the Contemporary Judicial Understanding of Laicite Hannah Stewart-Gambino
Katherine Cedillos   “The Mother’s and Wives of National Progress: The Chilean Government’s Discourse about Women’s Domestic Labor, 1964-1990” Rebekah Pite
Tamar Jakeli             “Between Feminist Activism and Family Values: Women’s Mobilization in Georgia” Joshua Sanborn



Joshua Arfin         Reweighting Schemes for Bootstrapping U-Statistics: An Empirical Investigation for Practitioners Trent Gaugler
Blake Bortnick     Modules, Vector Spaces, Rings, and Decompositions Elizabeth McMahon
Ha My Bui           Stochastic Volatility Option Pricing Models and Bayesiar Parameter Estimation Qin Lu
Benjamin Draves Treelet Covariance Smoothers Trent Gaugler
Andrew Eickemeyer A Tour of Classical Results on Minimal Surfaces: On the Plateau and Osserman’s Theorem on Gauss Map Justin Corvino
Dehua Sun             Measuring an NBA players impact outside the box score Jeffrey Liebner


Mechanical Engineering

Jacob Haase         An Investigation of the Effects of a Baffle and Shroud on an Immersed Heat Exchanger During the Discharge of a solar Thermal Storage Tank. Julia Nicodemus
Leo Massimino   Experimental Investigation of Tip Leakage Vortex Breakdown Daniel Sabastino
Abraham Satten   Determining the Material Properties of Agarose Gel Joshua Smith
Wen Shi               Experimental Analysis of Reynolds Number Effects in a Hypersonic Expansion Tube Tobias Rossmann
Mary Thorsen     Implementation of a high-speed 3D scanning stereoscopic particle image velocimetry (PIV) system.


Daniel Sabatino/ Tobias Rossmann
Charles Verhoog   Combustion Characteristics of Sonic Jets in a Hypersonic Cross Flow Tobias Rossmann



Ashley Goreshnik   Melding mind and Machine: Robot navigation using wireless self-paced brain-computer interface device Lisa A. Gabel
Isabella Maita         Maze Runner: Statistical learning in maze navigation in C57BL/6J Mice Lisa A. Gabel
Steven Nesbit         Reduction of the Crayfish caudal photoreceptor firing rate during anesthesia James Dearworth
Amy Scalera           Examining the Role of Corticosterone on Pair Bonding on Zebra Finches Michelle Tomaszycki
Noah Steinberg       Gaze-Hand Coordination and Learning in an Unpredictable Competitive Marksmanship Task Luis F. Schettino



Philip Bedoukian     Computationally Efficient Phase-field Simulations of Dendritic Crystal Growth Andrew Dougherty
Kevin Delano           The Liquidus Temperature of Water-Methanol Solutions at High Pressure with Applications to Titan Andrew Dougherty
Daniel Kodroff         A Determination of the Angular Momentum of Galaxies in the ALFALFA Survey Lyle Hoffman
Enia Xhakaj             High-precision Mass Measurement of J0751+1807, a Millisecond Pulsar in a Relativistic Binary David Nice



Edoukou Aka-Ezoua Social Support as a moderator in the link between financial strain and psychological well-being Jamila Bookwala
Declan McGuire     Winning isn’t Everything: Factors That Affect Students Opinions of Collegiate Athletic Teams John S. Shaw


Religious Studies

Nora Hand             “Muslim Women’s Garments: A French Provocation” Eric Ziolkowski
Charles McCooe     Oral Roberts: Prophet or Profit? Dissecting the impact of commodification of the American Religious Landscape through a case study of oral Roberts Brett Hendrickson