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Workshops held in each semester present learning materials and study strategies that help ESL (English as a second language) learners succeed in academics. Students can also use this opportunity to exchange language learning experience.

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One-on-one Writing Session

You can schedule a one-on-one tutoring session to work on your academic paper, practice your presentations, or discuss any issues that you have encountered during your college study. Please note that if you want to work on your academic paper, submit your paper at least one day prior to the tutoring session.

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Drop-in hours in Spring 2018 semester (February 5~May 4.):

  • Wednesday 3-5:30 pm Pardee 319 (Writing Associate: Taha Rohan)
  • Friday 3-5:30 pm Pardee 319 (Writing Associate: Kamini Masood)
Conversation Pardner Program

The Conversation Pardner Program (CPP) is designed to promote international students’ intercultural communicative competence through virtual conversations with upper-level native English speakers. Each pair schedules conversations via Skype or another video-type social media, 1 hour per week, for 7 weeks in the summer.

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Resource Library

Resource Library located in the EAP center is available and free to all the Lafayette College students. Please bring your student ID to check out the books. These books are great resources for:

  • Academic Listening
  • Academic Reading
  • Academic Speaking
  • Academic Writing
  • Tutoring ESL Writing

Click here to see the book list.

Academic Reading Resources

Reading appropriate academic articles intensively and extensively is one of the best ways to improve academic reading and writing skills.

Click here to see a list of academic journals and other reading resources recommended by the faculty members at the Lafayette College.

Read for Pleasure

Books in Pearson English Readers Series have simplified texts which provide a step-by-step approach to the joys of reading for pleasure. 

Click here to see a collection of the Pearson English Readers Series in the Skillman Library. 

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