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The Office of Advising and Co-Curricular Programs provides administrative support for the curriculum and the academic experience of students. The office represents the College’s commitment to intellectual integrity and achievement and serves as a link among faculty and staff, administration, and students. The staff mentors students in all areas of their academic development: monitors student academic progress; provides support for student interest in careers in law and the health professions; and works with students to pursue prestigious undergraduate and post-graduate fellowships and awards.

The Office of Advising and Co-Curricular Programs also houses International and Off-Campus Education, which advises students on study abroad opportunities. The Academic Tutoring and Training Information Center (ATTIC) offers a wide range of academic support services, including individual and peer tutoring, disability services, supplemental instruction, and academic support for student-athletes.


The Office of Advising and Co-Curricular Programs upholds and advances Lafayette’s commitment to intellectual integrity and individual academic achievement. Our office collaborates with faculty and the college community to provide all students with opportunities to become mature, responsible, thoughtful citizens of the world able to shape and realize their intellectual and academic goals.


The Office of Advising and Co-Curricular Programs welcomes all students. We believe in the liberating power of ideas and the democratizing authority of education and academic achievement. We expect of ourselves and of our students a commitment to intellectual integrity.

At the core of the Lafayette experience, students will find the values of an academic community: an intense curiosity, a willingness to engage the rigors of learning, an openness toward learning from others, the courage to both challenge and be challenged intellectually, and a firm commitment to academic integrity.


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